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These tracks are sedimentations of moods and thoughts that have defined my experiences as a member of the LGBTQA+ community following my move to the United States at a time of intense political and social tension. Recurring motifs, compositional circularities, and occasional bursts of light outline a journey into a dark undergrowth of mostly melancholic soundscapes.
Each track is named after a species of moth that lives in places I have, at some point, called home. Compositional structures and moods are largely defined by the way these crepuscular insects fly, hover through vegetation, spiral around lights, and disappear into darkness. Working on these tracks has over time become a way to process events—an opportunity to collect and reconsider specific moments, fragments, and memories that, like moths, would return to visit at dusk.

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Available on 12" vinyl
digital download
Released by Blue Spiral Records

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